About Us

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Our Approach & Mission

The Grey Area Media is a platform created by long time friends for the sole purpose of providing our communities with the ability to voice current, past and modern day issues that can only be voiced in an arena that doesn't provide restrictions or verbal restraints. The Grey Area in it's naming significance, solely speaks to the "area" in which people shy away from speaking, because of media based constraints or contractual based obligations. With the The Grey Area Media, we have obligated ourselves to be the voice for all communities by speaking on topics that include community, religion, education, politics, technology, sports, health and wellness, social issues, entertainment, and any other relevant topics that needs to be discussed in an open forum. Though, we will maintain a open verbal discussion-based environment and do so without the restrictions of mainstream media, we will hold our staff, team, and guests to a high and respected standard.

Meet the Founders & Owners


Ray "Ray E." Embry

Founder/ Owner & CEO

Ray E. has branded the music industry as an indy artist with a major hit single titled "On Me." He's gained 2 years of experience in media broadcasting on a local online radio show, and holds a Bachelors degree in Business & Information Systems and is a family man whose goal is to share truth and knowledge both past and present, with people all over the world. Quote: "What's life worth if you're not happy, fight for it."


Patrick "P-Wills" Alan Williams

Founder/ Owner & CEO

An analytical and humble man that focuses on being a "light" for guiding people toward making the world a better place.  He is a very grounded individual and lives by the following statement: "No matter how much I elevate........I kiss the floor!"

Meet Our Partners


Nicole Dianndrea

Partner/ Personal Assistant

Nicole Dianndrea is a native of Indianapolis, IN. She has a passion for assisting other's in bringing their dreams to reality, possesses a strong love for performing arts, enjoys volunteering and has a strong professional background in the dentistry field.


Charles "Duke" Pryor

Partner/ Director of Branding

Duke is an advocate of education and life skills for the young men as well, he mentored them from table etiquette, sex education, grooming, study habits, media training and a host of other life skills needed for themselves. Duke believes that wishes come true and believing the impossible are all apart of trusting the process on one's journey to becoming GREAT. He doesn’t spend a single day selfishly or wasted.

Meet Our Partners


Nate Holmes

Partner/ Entrepreneur/ Marketing Guru

Nate Holmes Entrepreneur has been a business owner in indy for several years. He brings a unique style to marketing. He works with a lot of local businesses and business owners, and have created hundreds of job oppurtunities for the hoosier state of Indiana, Chicago, and Atlanta.


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