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Your Chakras Your Energy Your Higher Self (Downloads Available)

There are 7 major energy centers of the body.  And all are important to creating balance physically, emotionally, and spirtually.  In the studio tonight, Mia Pickens and Steve Benedict will help guide us on how to align our chakras, and connect with our higher selves.   We hope you tune in, ask questions, and will be enlightened. Chakra [ chak-ra] – Sanscrit meaning wheel or disk.  “Wheel of spinning energy.” Lifeforce energy centers of the body 7. Sahasara – Crown (top of the head) Violet    To Know Fully connected spirtually.  Inner and outer beauty.  Awareness, intelligence, understanding I am intelligent and aware I am one with everything I have endless great ideas   6. Ajna – Brow center, Third Eye Indigo    To Perceive Focus on and see the big picture.  Intuition, clairvoyance, dreams, to have vision I am intuitive and follow my inner guidance I always see the big picture I avidly follow my dreams   5. Vissudha – Throat (throat) Blue    To Express Communication, self-expression of feelings and the truth I know my truth and I share it I am guided by my deepest purpose My life is guided by divine synchronicity   4. Anahata – Heart center (center of chest, […]

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#BankBlack #BuyBlack

We’ve got to get our money right!  We have to start, spend with, and invest in Black businesses!  Money is one of the loudest forms of protest… and if businesses are going to thrive under the administration of a “businessman”, then it’s time to reap the benefits. First things first… what’s your credit score? Annual Credit – Federal law requires each of the three nationwide consumer credit reporting companies to give you a free credit report every 12 months, if you ask for it – Black Banks OneUnited Bank – the nation’s largest Black-owned bank and first Black internet bank Carver Federal Savings Bank – the nation’s largest Black bank – – – Black Business Directories Spendify Wants to Help You #BuyBlack BlackBusinessList.Com – free online directory Black Owned Business Network BBNomics – 100 Black-Owned Businesses to Support 365 Days A Year Black Wall Street Official –            

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Public Forums on Streetlight Placement

Originally posted on Nextdoor by Public Information Officer Aliya Wishner from the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services   Come help determine key indicators for streetlight placement These forums are intended to gather public input on what factors should be used to guide placement of new streetlights in the future. IPL has partnered with the IU Public Policy Institute to host the public forums.  Register here to attend March 1st 6:30 – 8:00pm at the Wayne Township Government Center March 2nd 6:30 – 8:00pm at the John Boner Neighborhood Center  

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PitchFeast Indy

Kendrea Williams, PitchFeast CEO will be joining us this month to talk about entrepreneurship, and why she created PitchFeast.  We will also discuss the organization’s involvement with this year’s Lemonade Day Greater Indianapolis! PitchFeast is a 501(c)(3) public charity and crowdfunding dinner, which serves as an innovative fundraising program for small businesses, under-resourced entrepreneurs and creatives. It is a monthly community meal in which a ticket gives you now only food and fellowship, but also the opportunity to FUNdraise for a creative, Indianapolis idea. The next event, is February 27th, 6:30pm at The Speak Easy.  Click here to purchase tickets via the Givelify app.  Or click here to submit a proposal for your own pitch!  Find more PitchFeast Event dates on — featured image:

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Black History Month: William Trotter

Last night, PBS premiered the documentary Birth of a Movement, based on the book The Birth of a Movement: How Birth of a Nation Ignited the Battle for Civil Rights, by Dick Lehr.  Both chronicle the very public battle between activist and newspaper editor (The Boston Guardian)  William Monroe Trotter, and film pioneer D.W. Griffith (The Birth of a Nation). Trotter came from a well-to-do family, his father James Trotter being the first Black man to earn lieutenant rank in the 55th Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, during the Civil War.  James later became the first Black man in Boston employed with the U.S. Postal Service.  And appointed as Recorder of Deeds for Washington, D.C. by President Grover Cleveland.  Trotter’s mother Virginia Isaacs, was the great granddaughter of Elizabeth Hemings, mother of Sally Hemings (Monticello, Thomas Jefferson). William Trotter grew up in the predominantly white area of Hyde Park, where he graduated high school and went on to attend Harvard University, becoming the first Black man to graduate Phi Beta Kappa at the school. In 1895 he graduated with his bachelor’s – magna cum laude, and in 1896 with his master’s degree. With fellow Harvard intellectual W.E.B. Du Bois, Trotter founded The Niagara Movement, precursor to the NAACP […]

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Simon – Moms and Dads (regular part-time position) Circle Center Mall

Job description Description PRIMARY PURPOSE:Ensure the guests of the shopping center have a positive shopping and entertainment experience. Work to develop a positive relationship among the youth at the mall, tenants and security officers. This will include interfacing with youth at the mall and enforcing the Moms and Dads Policies. Click here for more information …

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Black History Month: Edmonia Lewis

Google honors sculptor Edmonia Lewis, the first Haitian and Native American sculptor to receive international recognition. Born in 1844, appreciation for Lewis’ work came to prominence during the Civil War. – Her most famous piece, “The Death of Cleopatra”, resides in the Smithsonian American Art Museum . – Google Arts & Culture: Edmonia Lewis Edmonia Lewis: Why Google celebrates her today  

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Neighbor Power Indy 2017

Register here for Neighbor Power Indy 2017   Become a leader in your neighborhood!  Check out these other opportunities for more information. Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center Indianapolis Community Building Institute (ICBI) Public Allies

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What He’s Done So Far

The President has wasted no time signing executive orders.  Get more details from the Newshour at including Donald Trump’s Contract with the American Voter *ACA repeal, funding waiver, states control of healthcare and insurance marketplaces Regulation freeze (any that have not been approved) Abortion Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Hiring freeze on federal government jobs Approval for Dakota Access pipeline (Standing Rock) Approval for Keystone Oil pipeline Push environmental reviews for priority infrastructure Made in America steel pipelines Review manufacturing regulations Aggressive deportations and block funding to sanctuary cities Build that wall *Trump’s repeal of the ACA includes returning control of Medicaid, to state governments.  Meaning the federal government will no longer assist with cost, instead issuing block amount funding for states to manage themselves.  This could make it harder for those who depend on Medicaid to get the care they need.  

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The Day After – Now What?

The day after the election (most of) the world woke up stunned by the victory of Trump.  And the U.S. went about life in a dazed silence.  As we gradually began to shake it off, the energy went from shock to fear, bemusement, and anger. Actually… the anger had been brewing awhile for a lot of us.  But the billionaire’s victory was a gut punch to the rest of America. Protests sprang up throughout the country and the world, and seemed to culminate with the inaugural festivities.  Some boycotted watching the ceremony on television, others went to join in protest with likeminded, on the streets of D.C.   The day after inauguration the women’s march,  spilled out and off it’s intended route and took over the city’s streets.  A metaphor perhaps, of the intersecting issues that birthed November 9th.  And while it was an impressive showing… Now what? See the truth is, too many folks went back home, satisfied with riding the high of that weekend.  And there’s enough of them satisfied with just showing up, to stagnate movement for the rest.  So what will YOU do to keep things moving…  Why not start by checking your own backyard. What’s your street look like?  Who’s driving up your property taxes and why? […]

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While You Were Sleeping…

One thing I would like to personally encourage during this new administration, is for everyone to start watching/streaming CSPAN.  This channel is not only informative, but gives us access to elected officials in a way most of us would never have the chance to see.  It allows us to get a sense of WHO “represents” us, beyond the campaign handshakes and commercials.  Who shows up for legislation that is important to us and for us – as a community, and as a nation. –     What does this mean?  It means the Senate majority voted to repeal the taxpayer funded portion of the ACA, which includes mandatory coverage.  Young adults covered under their parents’ plan, and preexisting conditions are not included in this repeal.  

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