January 26, 2017 by Leslie House Politics, Read 0

What He’s Done So Far

The President has wasted no time signing executive orders.  Get more details from the Newshour at pbs.org including Donald Trump’s Contract with the American Voter *ACA repeal, funding waiver, states control of healthcare and insurance marketplaces Regulation freeze (any that have not been approved) Abortion Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Hiring freeze on federal government jobs Approval for Dakota Access pipeline (Standing Rock) Approval for Keystone Oil pipeline Push environmental reviews for priority infrastructure Made in America steel pipelines Review manufacturing regulations Aggressive deportations and block funding to sanctuary cities Build that wall *Trump’s repeal of the ACA includes returning control of Medicaid, to state governments.  Meaning the federal government will no longer assist with cost, instead issuing block amount funding for states to manage themselves.  This could make it harder for those who depend on Medicaid to get the care they need.  

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