Our Hosts

Below are The Grey Area Hosts, Co-Hosts whom will surely bring you knowledge, truth, entertainment, and plenty of laughs. The list is sure to grow, so if you know someone who'd be an awesome host or guest on The Grey Area, please contact us here.

Meet the Hosts


Ray "Ray E." Embry

Host | Founder/ Owner & CEO

Ray E. has branded the music industry as an indy artist with a major hit single titled "On Me." He's gained 2 years of experience in media broadcasting on a local online radio show, and holds a Bachelors degree in Business & Information Systems and is a family man whose goal is to share truth and knowledge both past and present, with people all over the world. Quote: "What's life worth if you're not happy, fight for it."

P Wills

Patrick "P-Wills" Alan Williams

Host | Founder/ Owner & CEO

An analytical and humble man that focuses on being a "light" for guiding people toward making the world a better place.  He is a very grounded individual and lives by the following statement: "No matter how much I elevate........I kiss the floor!"


Ebonye "EB" Crowe

Host | Educator/ Writer

Ebonye Crowe is an Indy Native that encompasses many attributes but most importantly, educator, writer, and activist. She currently teaches for Indianapolis Public Schools which is her number one passion. Her second passion is poetry and writing. Known as VoCab Eyespeak, she has performed and featured for audiences across the city. She uses her platform to reach the masses on an intimate and conscious level.



Ashley "Ms Butta" Saunders

Co-Host | Public Relations/ Marketing

Ashley Saunders aka " Butta" is from the infamous Napp Town,she comes with an edgy flair, not afraid to represent the ladies of the Midwest. Ashley wears many hats such as urban modeling, public relations and management for DFE. Be sure to look out for her to bring the flavor in your ear that keep you tuned in to The Grey Area Media!


Leslie House

Co-Host | Chief Editor/ Fact Check Guru

Real change happens when the people have knowledge, so devour as much as you can.  Then use, and share what you learn to further empower the community.



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We are constantly looking for people to be apart of the grey area. Our vision is simple. We are here for the community and to be a voice for those who do not have a platform to do so.